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Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program

is an internship Program of IIT Kanpur, which runs under the aegis of Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), IIT Kanpur. SURGE program was launched and inaugurated on 8th May 2006 by Professor Sanjay G. Dhande, the then Director, IIT Kanpur.

The objective of SURGE Program is to develop the agenda of undergraduate research and promotes the culture of research and interdisciplinary education among the new generation. In the spirit of the same, this program is an evidence of the close student-faculty collaboration opportunities for hands on experience and quest for new knowledge that characterize IITK education. Since inception, this program has strengthened year by year, providing more and more research opportunities to young scholars. .

The program provides an opportunity to undergraduates and M.Sc first year students of IITK, Non-IITK and also to the students of SAARC countries, for experiencing technical learning in their field of research. The duration of the program is approximately 08 weeks. The program tentatively commences in the 2nd week of May and concludes in the 2nd week of July, every year..

This programme has proved to be a highly interesting and stimulating event among all the students since its inception. It had provided a platform to students for their innovative ideas and has also given space for the practical implementation of the same. It is worth mentioning here that a few of the research works undertaken by the students during this summer program got recognition and space for publications in the international journals and conferences. As a resultant, the Program had influenced and motivated the SURGE participants for pursuing research as their career option.

To motivate and inculcate the competition among the participants, SURGE provides awards to its participants under various categories viz; "Dr. Elizabeth and Dr. Verkey Cherian Award for Best Poster and Best Project", "Best Project Award for Engineering" and "Best Project Award for Sciences"..