Under the Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program, students from IITK and other participating institutions undertake short duration, but focused research projects and push their intellectual abilities beyond those driven by the classroom. The SURGE participants are required to give a mid-term presentation after four weeks, to a review committee consisting of a group of academic staff members. The review committee gives feedback and suggests possible improvements in the work. At the end of the program all the SURGE students make a poster presentation of the work carried out at IITK. The poster presentation is open to the public. It is also evaluated by faculty members. The duration of the program is approximately 08 weeks and the beginning date of SURGE program is 13th May, 2019 and last date 10th July, 2019.

Students working under "Funding from SURGE (Institute Funded category)" only at IITK receive a stipend of Rs 12,500/- for 08 weeks duration. An award plus a commendation certificate is given to those SURGE students who produce exceptional quality research during the period.

Number of selected student is now increased upto 300 (60 students from "Funding from SURGE" and 240 students from "Funding from Institute Project + Self Funding + Industry-IITK tie up") in SURGE extended program.

The applicants (Non-IITK Indian Student) shall be required to pay the application fee of Rs. 200/- through Payment Gateway. The details will be available after January 9th 2019.


The short listed SURGE participants coming under Institute funding, Self funding, IITK project funding and IITK-industry tie-up categories for SURGE 2019 are required to pay the SURGE administrative charges:-

  1. For Non-IITK Indian student - Rs. 3500/-
  2. For IITK student - Rs. 2500/-

Detailed announcement regarding SURGE administrative charges will be made later. The SURGE administrative charges are not refundable.


IITK and NON-IITK Indian students coming to IITK through


Funding from SURGE (Institute Funded): Students working under "Funding from SURGE" only at IITK receive a stipend of Rs 12,500/- for 08 weeks duration.

Funding from IITK Project (Project Funded): This will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects which will be funded by faculty members of IIT Kanpur.

Self Funded: This will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects of faculty members of IIT Kanpur but would not be receiving any funding at all.

Industry-IITK tie up: This will provide an opportunity to the students, as individuals or in teams, to work on real-world projects proposed by the industry with mentors from both IIT Kanpur and the industry. The student stipend is to be paid by the industry. In SURGE 2019, only IIT Kanpur students can participate under Industry-IITK tie up.

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