SURGE-2023 Inauguration Ceremony

held on May 12, 2023

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SURGE Lecture 1, May 29, 2023 by

Prof. Priyanka Bagade (CSE)

Topic: IOT and Applications

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SURGE Lecture 2, June 2, 2023 by

Prof. Amitabha Bandopadhyay (BSBE)

Topic: Entrepreneurship

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SURGE Lecture 3, June 8, 2023 by

Prof. B V Rathish Kumar (MTH)

Topic: Glimpses of Mathematics at the Frontiers of Science and Technology

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SURGE Lecture 4, June 12, 2023 by

Prof. C S Upadhyay (AE)

Topic: Academics as a career

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SURGE Poster Presentation held on

July 11 and 12, 2023

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SURGE Certificate Distribution and

Farewell Dinner, July 12, 2023

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